Pakistan has about 3.5 million smartphone users, which is a huge number. Unfortunately, most of the users are in a constant state of confusion about which call and SMS packages to choose. MobiPack is here to help the Pakistani smartphone users with the issue. With MobiPack, users can check out details of different (SMS, call and internet) packages and them subscribe to them right from the app. The application also has some other useful features that might come in handy, like: managing balance (check, load and share) and SMS blocking.
  • Key Features

  • Support for all mobile companies in Pakistan "Zong, Mobilink, Ufone ,Telenor, Warid"
  • 1. SMS Packages "Search is now supported to find out best package available"
  • 2. GPRS - 3G & 4G Packages
  • 3. CALL Packages
  • 4. Other mobile services
  • 5. Donations
  • 6. Emergency numbers
  • 7. News Feed
  • 8. Check balance
  • 9. Load balance
  • 10. Share balance
  • 11. Block SMS
  • 12. Set Ring tone on specific number
  • 13. Sync contacts on server
  • 14. SMS Counter
  • 15. Internet Data Package Manager

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